The Invisible Sunday School


The “Invisible Sunday School”© in 1995 by Randi Pomerantz / [email protected]

The copyright owner has granted permission to each participating church(or individual) to use the “The Invisible Sunday School” for their community outreach or for their own personal use. Any outreach program that the church or individual is serving is an appropriate use with the permission of the copyright owner except for the disclaimers listed here:

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Bible Translation used in this program

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved.

The “NIV” and “New International Version” trademarks are registered in the United States Patient and Trademark Office by International Bible Society. Use of either trademark requires the permission of International Bible Society.

The “Invisible Sunday School” is intended to be photocopied over and over again – year after year. No updating is required.  

Content of “The Invisible Sunday School”

The series consists of one lesson (5 pages per lesson) for every week of the year. The series starts with the birth of Christ (Lesson #2) and ends with His Ascension (Lesson #52).

Each lesson consists of five parts:

  1. The easily identified cover
    1. The same cover is used on each set so that it can easily be identified. Each cover has a blank space the size of a business card for the participating church, etc., to rubber stamp their name, address and telephone number
  2. One picture of the story being told
    1. This page is in coloring book format and intended for coloring.
  3. The story – One prayer – One Bible passage
  4. One “Animal from the Bible”
    1. This animal is consistent with the story being told (Yes it is true, we were able to match up a different animal with nearly all 52 stories!). This page is in a color book format and intended for coloring.
  5. A passage from the Bible
    1. The passage from the Bible relates to the story being told and is meant to be shared by children and their parents.

How to use “The Invisible Sunday School”

The “Invisible Sunday School” was created as a missionary tool for an individual or a church to use in their surrounding community.

A. In a church missionary outreach program, each participating member would initially take a sample lesson to a neighborhood place of business (the Christian Yellow pages may be a good place to start looking). Examples of potential places of business: Restaurants, Bus Stations, Laundromats, Stop N- Shops, Donut Shops, Beauty Salons, Garages, Dentists’ and Doctors’ Offices, and Pre-schools. Showing a sample of a lesson, a person would ask the business owner if a number of these lessons could be left every week for parents to pick up for their children while they are in the place of business. If the business detains customers because of services being provided,quite often the parents really appreciate the coloring project that would keep their children occupied while they are taking care of business. Permission could be obtained for lessons to be left each week in a designated place. 

B. “The Invisible Sunday School” has also been found to be a valuable resource as a Sunday School program for use in the church, children’s church program or Vacation BibleSchoolprogram. At the end of VBS, each child could take home a CD with an entire year of Sunday School classes that tell of Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection. A number of churches have used this program at the State Fair.

C. The “Invisible Sunday School” can be copied in CD form and given to acquaintances, contacts, church visitors, or to other missionary outlets in your community. (Salvation Army Safe Houses, prison chaplains, mental institution libraries, etc.)

D. A suggestion for the pastor of a church interested in spreading the gospel directly from the internet is to use business cards for members of the congregation to pass out to friends and acquaintances. This website is set up to do free downloads so that people can learn in their own way. The card will list the church with its name and address plus this internet site. Business cards can be purchased at discounted prices from Vista Pint (1-866-614-8002) or If you do not want a business card, then use the printer of your choice on good paper.

Individual Use:

The individual may print all the lessons either one at a time (for weekly use) or they may choose to print the entire program at a copy shop. Once the entire program is printed, it can be taken to a photocopying service and then put into binders. The best way to bind is to put lessons 1-25 in one binder and lessons 26-52 in another. Each binder will have a colored cover stock cover attached in the front and back. In this way, the individual user will have two Bible lesson books that are easy for the child to use. Many parents or grandparents are concerned that their children are not able to attend a church program – this program can be “self-taught” at home. If the lessons are done one by one, print only as you did it.

What Supplies Do I Need?

  • Access to a photocopy machine / stapler / rubber stamp with name of church the following three items are optional:
  • Sets of color crayons – Each lesson should have one set of at least 4 crayons so that thechildren can go right to work!
  • Small plastic bags to attach the crayons to the front page. If you don’t want to use the bags, double sided tape will attach the crayons to the lesson.
  • Plastic stands to set on counter tops or to attach to the wall. 
Crayon ordering information: Information: Update as of June 30, 2020

U.S. TOY: 1-816-761-5900 • Grandview, MO • www.ustoy.comItem #DM122 gives you 72 boxes (4 crayons per box)at only$13.99

These crayons are from China, but have been approved as safe for children. They are labeled “Non-Toxic” and carry the code”ASTM -D4236″- which means that it passed the inspectors of children’s products in America.(Special Note: Do not buy just any crayon that has been made overseas, esp. China, unless it carries the code “ASTM – D4236”. The testing was done to eliminate the possibility of lead content in the crayon.)

(The US TOY website has a link on the left side titled: “inspirational” for those of you looking for inspirational items. There is also a link on the webpage for early childhood items entitle “CP Toys” there is also a website: for school supplies)

How to Attach the Crayons to the 5-Page Lesson:

STAPLES • 1-800-225-8708 •

One method to attach the crayon pack to the lesson is to use a strong ply plastic bag that would contain the crayons and would be stapled on the left-hand corner of the lesson. Item #700807 re-closable 4×5 inches plastic 2ml bag is and will cost $16.79 for thousand (A second method to attach the crayon box is to use double-sided tape.)

How to Display the Lessons in A Place of Business:

There are 2 ways to display the lessons in a store:

  1. They can be left on the counter without a display stand.
  2. BEEMAK PLASTICS • 1-844-395-1555 •www.beemak-idl.comA Plastic Counter Display Stand: Item #TK 8.5 C- the price is $5.50 per holder–minimum order is 10 ULINE • 1-800-295-5510 • Literature Holder – Item # S-21368 – $72 for 10 – wall mounted
Systematic Production of “The Invisible Sunday School”

Usually, two people can photocopy the number of necessary sets needed sometime before the Sunday services. The sets would be photocopied, stapled, and have color crayons attached to each set. The sets would then be set up in the front of the church for each member of the children’s missionary group to pick up before or after each Sunday service for distribution the following week in the community. 


Currently, “The Invisible Sunday School” is available in the following languages: English, French, Modern Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Characters Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Telugu and Urdu, Korean, Russian and Ukrainian can be provided if asked for. If you know of a translator who is interested in doing additional translations, please contact the administrator of this website at [email protected] Some translators have done their work in pen and ink and then later it was typeset and made available electronically by other qualified volunteers while other translators used a computer to submit their work.

Fulfilling Christ’s Commission

“Go Ye Therefore Teaching All Nations”- This commission could be fulfilled by all of us with the initial expense of a little of our time, a few color crayons, a photocopy machine, and a stapler! Often our personal witnessing is hampered by our race, economic level, or lack of speaking ability. This witnessing program is invisible and yet powerful because it uses the very words and stories from the Bible without the pressure of a face-to-face approach which is often perceived as threatening.

A very conscious effort was made to stay very close to scripture – in this way the simple stories and lessons remain in their most powerful form. The very lessons Christ used to teach us when we were little can be passed on to other little children who need all the help they can get in this difficult world.

Jesus often stopped on his journeys at a “Well of Samaria” to talk about the Kingdom of Heaven. We too have a well or wells of Samaria right in our own neighborhood. Perhaps it is a place we could easily stop by after work or on the way to church.

One of the saddest things for me, as a Christian, is to see the little children suffer so terribly in this sinful world. Rather than to watch it happen and feel helpless, I think it is better to create an “Invisible Sunday School” of your own and then spend a special time each week to pray that the Holy Spirit uses your time and energy to reach some little child you may never personally meet – and yet that you have touched in a very special way.

Some people are unable to attend church for a variety of reasons. They may not have the proper clothing, they may have had a bad experience, or they may be working two different jobs and therefore are unable to attend. Another problem for people of different cultures may be that they would be ostracized from their own people for attending a Christian church. Yet, these people may desire for themselves or for their children some special religious instruction. The “Invisible SundaySchool” was set up for just such special circumstances. The language is simple enough for the adult from a cross cultural background to understand as well as their children.  
The “Invisible Sunday School” is currently being used by over 2,000 Lutheran churches and missionary minded individuals in this country. The English translations are being used in Europe and Canada as well as in America. In addition, the Spanish version is currently being used in Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico and Spain. The French version is being used in Canada, France, Africa and Haiti.

Other Uses of the “Invisible Sunday School”

Primary classes in the church

series can be duplicated on a photocopy machine instead of ordering the more expensive individual lessons from a publisher. (Another application: any of the pictures can be taken to a local photocopy shop and enlarged to poster size. This makes a nice coloring project for Vacation Bible School or a Sunday School group coloring project. The resulting poster can be placed in Vet Hospitals, rest homes, or in the church entry.)

Rest homes

Older people sometimes need a structured, direct and simple approach to thescriptures, especially if they are hearing Bible stories for the first time. Adults can learn the stories in their simple from with pictures to help the learning process.

Home tutored child

There are enough classes to cover one complete year, and the entire lifeof Christ is covered in that time. The set can be taken to a local photocopy shop and a spiral binding put on so that the set becomes a workbook for theindividual child.

Hospital Chapels

The series can be used for hospital visits to children or to be left in hospitalchapels.They are very effective in emergency waiting rooms as well as inpatient waiting rooms.

Visits with the minister

When families visit the church office or home, a copy can be given to the children while their parents are occupied. Also, ministers can leave copies with families they visit. 

Local Charities

Salvation Army SAFE homes, prison chapels, mental institution chapels, YMCA schools, thrift stores, day care centers, shelters for women and children throughout the community are excellent locations for the “Invisible Sunday School”. A business card with the location of the website can be left with chaplains, teachers or librarians if the proper permission is granted. (A very high percent of prison inmates have mental disabilities and this program in a very simple way can be appreciated by those who have been incarcerated.)

Children who do not attend Sunday School

A second reason to copy an entire set is for the purpose of getting the material to children (or perhaps grandchildren) who are not getting to Sunday School. The lessons could be split into two groups and then taken to a photocopy shop to get a binding put on; in this way the lessons become a coloring book project and successfully take the child through a full year of Sunday School classes.(This has been a relief to a number of grandparents with concern for their families.)If a child’s parents have a computer, they can be directed to the website in order to get the classes most suited to their needs.

Mentally Disadvantaged

This has been used successfully used with both children and adults that are slow learners. The material was found to be simple enough for them to grasp and yet not condescending. The numerous pictures help guide those children and adults with AD along the normal progression of a structured class.

CDs can be left by the entrance of the church

The minister can reproduce “The Invisible Sunday School” CD and place them by the entrance of the church or the tract table for members to pick up and use in their families and as witnessing tools with others. Quite often, members of the church have a golden opportunity that may just happen once, if the CD is available that moment can turn the power of the word of God into a new convert. The minister can purchase plastic covers for the CDs at a reasonable rate at any office supply store. 

Safe houses / Jails / Mental Institutions

The presiding chaplain and teachers can distribute the lessons since they know and understand the residents and their needs. While young children visit their parents in jail, they can get some serious coloring and reading done while in the waiting room. The same is true of a safe house where children have to process information that may be difficult for them to comprehend, the lessons will be a safe place for them to direct their thoughts and learn how to pray. In mental institutions, the chaplain and teachers will best know the needs of their residents and how to present the materials. Keeping a CD of the Invisible Sunday School in the glove compartment of your car insures it is always available for the unexpected opportunity.

Testimonials of those who have used the “Invisible Sunday School”

  • Each week the Pastor places 150 copies of the “Invisible Sunday School” material in businesses and restaurants, etc. Before the sheets were placed in these locations, the managers of the establishments were consulted, and permission given. Periodic checks are made to see if the material is being used, and to be sure that our display area is neat. Each week the sheets are reproduced as they are provided us. However we add one page in which we give an invitation to our services. We will also use the opportunity we are provided to distribute these to the public to announce our VBS this summer. The Invisible Sunday School is serving the purpose of witnessing to Christ in these simple ways:
    • One young man wrote a letter and thanked us “for doing something”.
    • One grandfather asked the store manager if he could take 13 copies for his grandchildren.
    • We have been told that a Sunday School teacher asked to take a supply for her Sunday School class.
    • One manager of a restaurant just recently told one of our members of Grace that the “distribution of these sheets has been a most wonderful experience for her.”
    • A minister of another church called and asked where he could acquire the material. He had seen it in a restaurant and liked the idea.
    • Opportunity has been afforded through the distribution of these Bible Lessons to visit with people who contacted us about our church. The “Invisible Sunday School” material has given us some identity in the community that we did not formerly have. However, its chief benefit is that it has provided us with a very good avenue to do what the church is about, namely, to speak the message of the Gospel into the world, beginning in our own community.”
    • At present we are reaching 75 children and hope before long to reach 100. This program doesn’t start off like a house afire but it continues to have steady solid growth.
    • My two neighbors say the “Invisible Sunday School” leaflets give the message of God’s love and always welcome receiving them. The leaflets given out in places of business are always taken by someone but I haven’t received feedback on them. We trust the Holy Spirit will reach their minds and souls.
    • I approve of the “Invisible Sunday School” program with enthusiasm. I have shared in the grass roots work of finding “homes” for the material. I feel the concept is a sound one which can produce only good; moreover it is self-advancing, since the demand is becoming greater than the supply.
    • I’m so proud to be a part of delivering the “Invisible Sunday School”lessons. It really tickles my heart when I see so many new children’s faces on Thursday night when I deliver them to my neighborhood family restaurant, here in Northeast Minneapolis. This small but quaint family restaurant has twelve tables which are filled with families who very much enjoy getting the Sunday School lessons to read, color and go over with their children as a family.

The Invisible Sunday School is available in the following ten languages: